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Dior Addict Summer 2012 Film Starring Daphne Groeneveld


Dior Addict
Summer 2012
Model: Daphne Groenveld
Director: Jonas Ackerlund

L.A.dy Dior Film - Marion Cotillard


Lady Dior
Photographer: Steven Klein
Starring: Marion Cotillard
Director: John Cameron 
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Giovanna Battaglia
Makeup: Christophe Danchaud
Hair: Julien d'Ys

Laetitia Casta as Brigitte Bardot


Leave it to a model to portray one of the great beauties in the world.

Laetitia Casta stars as the iconic Brigitte Bardot in the upcoming film, Serge Gainsbourg, Vie Heroique.

Catch a screening of Serge Gainsbourg, Vie Heroique at the Tribeca Film Festival!


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Maison Martin Margiela London Exhibition


Maison Martin Margiela has long been looked to as one of the most-cutting edge and creative labels around, and now it's set to be celebrated in a London exhibition this summer.

The exhibition was first shown in Antwerp at the city's Mode Museum, and it's coming to the capital in June where it will make its home at Somerset House. Looking at the last 20 years of the label's history, you'll be able to see installation, video, photography and film, all capturing the Margiela aesthetic that we know and love. And, of course, there will be a whole host of iconic pieces created by the Belgian designer on show.

The exhibition will run from 3 June to 5 September in the Embankment gallery at Somerset House.

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