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Posts for July 9th 2010

Harper’s Bazaar Japan August 2010


Harper's Bazaar Japan
August 2010
Photographer: Yoshihito Sasaguchi
Model: Patricia Schmid


Mark Fast Available Now on Topshop







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Christian Louboutin Launches e-Commerce


Christian Louboutin just announced the launch of their e-commerce site available to U.S. customers.  The site looks beautiful and is easy to navigate and you'll see many website exclusives.  Happy shopping!

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The Valentino Garavani Archives


The sheer wattage of Wednesday night’s cross-generational celebrity fete champêtre in the spectacular moated gardens of Valentino’s Wideville country château was extraordinary, but the glare of it may have outshone just one thing—the little converted barn next door that contains everything that made the whole thing possible. The point of the party was to launch the opening of the Valentino Garavani archives, which are now exhibited alongside the main house in a resource dedicated to preservation and education. The work of his 45 years  as a couturier—starting with his origins as a 27-year-old in Rome in 1959—will be offered for public viewing, and maybe even help to pass the baton of the frills, flounces, lace, and red dresses on to the next generation.

Starting in September, students will be able to buy tickets to examine various dimensions of Valentino’s methods. The first, “Valentino as a Draughtsman,” comes in tandem with an iPad app gizmo that records a line being drawn on a screen by the maestro’s decisive hand, in real time. What’s in store is the discovery of how touchingly earnest and methodical Valentino’s early pencil drawings of lace dresses and fur-trimmed coats were (some sported by models with Jackie O bouffants), and how quick and flourishy these drawings became with experience.

There’s more to come, too: In October, a free-access Web site is to be launched that will catalog the backstory of every item at a click—whom it was made for, what the materials and measurements were, when it was photographed, and how it was described in reviews. It’s all molto high-tech, but until that site goes live, students will have to manage by making the pilgrimage to Wideville themselves—hardly an onerous way to spend fall break, children! And besides, who wouldn’t want to try to peek over a hedge to glimpse the mini-palace paid for with the proceeds from all those humble little pencil sketches. The magic number to reserve a place: 011-33-1-3054-9225. Those who remember to dial it when it’s switched on in September will go straight to the top of the class.

Photos: Michel Figuet

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Fendi Fall 2010 Ad Campaign


Karl Lagerfeld photographed the latest Fendi ad campaign that resemble stills from a movie.  Anja Rubik and Baptiste Giabiconi are cast as an Italian couple in downtown New York set in a retro apartment suggestive of a hideout.  The campaign can be seen in August magazines as well as on the Fendi website and Facebook page.

Photos by Karl Lagerfeld


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Roberto Cavalli 40th Anniversary Ad Gisele Bundchen


Roberto Cavalli
Photographers: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Model: Gisele Bundchen

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