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Posts for July 7th 2010

Dita Von Teese Walks in Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Show



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Hermès Fall 2010 Campaign | Constance Jablonski


Hermès Fall 2010 Ad Campaign
Photographer: Paolo Roversi
Model: Constance Jablonski

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Roger Vivier "Rendez-Vous" Accessory Collection


Roger Vivier’s famously imaginative artistic director, Bruno Frisoni, is presenting a limited-edition accessories collection in the midst of this week’s couture shows in Paris.

The ‘Rendez- Vous’ collection's rooted in the house’s sense of piquant luxury and uses rich feathers, florals, and embroidered accents from the legendary ateliers of Lesage, Montex and Lemarié.

Frisioni's reworked classic Vivier silhouettes with heightened drama for this collection.  He's referenced natural elements like studded wood, bohemian wooden pearls, woven straw, and organic compositions of lace for raw texture and extra dimension.

Jean Dubuffet, the mid-century French artist, inspired much of the couture designs; a point of reference that seems to energize unexpected pops of color throughout the collection as well as its quirkiness.

‘Rendez-Vous’ elaborate whimsy and rich craftsmanship firmly establishes Roger Vivier as one of the couture's premiere accessories houses.


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Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2010



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Carine Roitfeld Book by Olivier Zahm


According to Fashionista, Olivier Zahm will be working on a book about Paris Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld.  The book is to be published by Rizzoli and is expected to be released in Fall of 2011.

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Vanessa Paradis Marie Claire UK August 2010


Vanessa Paradis is the chic cover girl for Marie Claire UK August 2010. The 37-year-old, who has the nerve to look this good at that age, has been in a relationship with Johnny Depp since 1998, which explains a lot. As dating Brad Pitt seems to have arrested Angelina Jolie’s ageing process, being with Depp seems to have provided Paradis with a fountain of youth. I guess being pretty, but in a long-term relationship with a man prettier than you, means you never age past the point when you met him. I need to snare my old ass someone purdy and keep the dude locked in my cupboard under my stairs (that way I can stay semi-young and not bother actually dating the person or having to reconcile the fact that they’re better looking).

  • On how she keeps the passion alive when she’s been with the same man [Johnny Depp] for 12 years: First of all, you have to be lucky enough to find the right person. Next, the fact that we’re not together every day plays a big part in keeping our relationship stable. And then we also have a lot of respect and admiration for each other. We understand that, if we want our relationship to continue, we must give each other space, allow each other to go off on our own, and trust each other.
  • On asking partner Johnny Depp’s advice about scripts: When it comes to planning, yes. Otherwise, very rarely. In fact, we don’t really speak a lot about work when we’re together. We just try to organise ourselves so we can spend as much time as possible together.
  • On what she most admires about Johnny Depp: I could make an endless list of all the things I admire about him, but above all I admire his immense loyalty. I love watching him when he’s thoughtful or involved in something. I love observing him when he is talking to people. I love seeing how he deals with situations… I could go on and on, tell you I admire him as an actor, as a father and as the man he is for me. But more than anything, I admire him as a person. Not only when he is talking to me or his mother, but as a person in the world, in all kinds of situations. I think he is magnificent. Truly magnificent.
  • On whether they’ll make a film together: A few years ago we were both going to be on the set of Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote film but shooting stopped. Frankly, the thought of filming with him would scare me to death. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I would be frightened that I wouldn’t be up to his standard because he’s so talented. And I don’t know if I would be able to lie in front of him.
  • [The magazine mentions her unconventional adolescence] On how she’d react if one of her children wanted to follow in her footsteps: To sing and be in the public eye at 14 years old is not something everyone experiences. But do I now wish for the same thing for my children? I don’t know – I would need to think about it for a long time before I could give you an answer.

Photos: Matt Jones



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