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Posts for March 7th 2010

Grace Jones x Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb


It's common knowledge that punctuality is a very vague term in the worlds of fashion and music. That's why most people guffawed when told that Grace Jones—the special musical guest at Viktor & Rolf's five-year anniversary party for its scent Flowerbomb—would grace the stage at Le Meurice hotel at 10:30 p.m. on the dot.

Not that there wasn't still heavy anticipation. For more than an hour leading up to the legendary disco diva's performance—which happened around midnight (practically early, in other words)—attendees jockeyed to get close to the front for a better view. Just to the right of the stage was a makeshift VIP area, where the designers huddled with friends like Jessica Stam, Karolina Kurkova, and Renzo Rosso. "It's Grace Jones, and she is definitely worth the wait," Rolf Snoeren started to say. Just then, burly men split the crowd, sending Champagne glasses in the air as they cleared a path for a black unitard-clad Jones. "She is a vision," Snoeren added, now standing next to Viktor Horsting in awe. The 62-year-old didn't disappoint, hitting her high notes, shouting inappropriate comments, and doing her trademark booty shake in the audience's face. At one point she climbed the staircase that had been constructed for her two-song set, pulled the back of her leotard into a thong, bent over, and announced, "I'm ready when you are!"

The entire presentation—the shock and awe, the Philip Treacy headpiece, and so on—seemed familiar to more than one person in the VIP area. When somebody murmured, "She is the original Lady Gaga," Horsting smiled back: "She would probably agree with you." (For the record, it should be noted that Jones ultimately went from provocative to sweet, calling the designers to the stage and singing them "Happy Birthday.") As guests started to file out, Kristen McMenamy had a good question: If this is what they're going to do for their fifth anniversary, what do you think the tenth will be like?

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Gareth Pugh for Alexander McQueen


Following on from the news that the McQueen house will stay open, you can place this one firmly in the rumour basket. Or potentially in the too soon basket.

Just a week after Alexander McQueen's funeral, the company in charge of his fashion label is believed to have identified his successor.

Gareth Pugh, 28, is understood to be the designer that PPR wants as the new creative director of Alexander McQueen, of which it owns 51 per cent.


Haider Ackermann Fall 2010 Paris Fashion Week


Haider Ackermann doesn't alter the building blocks from season to season. His signature fitted leather and suede vests and jackets are back, but this time with even more drama. That's thanks to both long, undulating collars that can be wrapped around the neck any number of ways and zipped-on peplums that are easily detached, should the woman wearing them so choose. "I wanted it to be totally up to you," he said backstage, alluding to the clothes' timely utilitarianism. On the bottom, his fans' options will include, as usual, leather leggings or floor-scraping skirts with deep slits, along with new, more tailored trousers.


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Polina Barbasova x Elle Norway March 2010




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