There’s no question that Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren put on an unbelievable show on Saturday. It starred Kristen McMenamy as a stationary mannequin piled high with half the collection at the onset. There she stood in the middle of a rotating runway flanked by the designers, who systematically undressed her, layer by layer, then redressed another model waiting to wear the discards down the catwalk. Off came a giant cape with fur shoulders that converted into a coat, followed by another fur cape, a flimsy silk drawstring-waist dress and so on, until McMenamy was stripped down to a nude, sequined bodysuit and the process reversed. It was certainly seat-gripping theater: Would Horsting and Snoeren miss their marks and risk a model pileup? No! Would McMenamy topple under the weight of dozens of convertible anoraks? Almost!


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