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Posts for February 28th 2010

Gucci Milan Fashion Week Fall 2010


"I've grown up. It's more mature clothes for more mature women, because that's what I am," Frida Giannini said after her show. She's only 38, and hardly middle-aged, but this season Giannini's designing seems to be hitting the kind of equilibrium Stella McCartney reached a couple of years back: the confidence to relax, and not try too hard to be super-duper fashion-y. Things began with a calm opening exit of cream, dove gray, and barely there top-to-toe color—a couple of fitted dresses, a slim patchworked ostrich and suede coat shown with matching opaque tights and shoes. With that, Giannini deleted the expectation that this was to be a frenetic seasonal Gucci trend-grab. It was more about consolidating her look: the pants she's always been good at tailoring, put together with coats and fur-patched jackets with a believably glamorous daywear attitude.


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Sephora Vending Machines


Sephora has finally made vending machines a reality, filled with skin & haircare products, fragrances, and scented lotions.  They are slowly appearing in department stores and malls, and are already in major airports from Nevada to New York. They are also creating specific machines, that only carry one item, Calvin Klein fragrance being the first.

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