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Posts for January 25th 2010

Rachel Zoe Basic Wardrobe Guide


After receiving numerous requests from her fans about wardrobe basics, Rachel Zoe has compiled a guide to help everyone look as fabulous as her.


Click here to see the slideshow of 20 essential pieces you’ll need to stay stylish for 2010!

Paul & Joe x Alice in Wonderland



Paul & Joe’s Alice In Wonderland collection features limited edition tins that contain blotting paper (with mirror) for shine control, blotting paper refills and a lip treatment that adds a hint of color and shine while conditioning dry lips.

The sets launch at ASOS on 25th February and at Harrods on 6th March and will cost £25.

pauljoe-alice-in-the-wonderland-collection-220110-6 pauljoe-alice-in-the-wonderland-collection-220110-5

pauljoe-alice-in-the-wonderland-collection-220110-7 pauljoe-alice-in-the-wonderland-collection-220110-8   

Alice in Wonderland Collection 012Alice in Wonderland Collection 011

Alice in Wonderland Collection 020 Alice in Wonderland Collection 019(2)

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Barbie to benefit CFDA Scholarship on eBay


Photo: sassybella

Barbie received a makeover from 12 Council of Fashion Designers of America members. Mattel recently introduced a Barbie Basics doll, who wears a simple little black dress and can be easily accessorized and personalized by their owners with special accessories kits featuring such items as scarves, purses, shoes or jewelry. According to WWD, Mattel has teamed up with CFDA to launch a special initiative to mark the launch of this special Barbie. For instance, the packaging of each Barbie Basics doll features a quip from a CFDA member about the little black dress. The participating designers include Isaac Mizrahi, Rachel Roy, Justin Giunta, Lorraine Schwartz, Alexis Bittar, Monica Botkier, Deborah Lloyd of Kate Spade, Albertus Swanepoel and Devi Kroell.

The special editions will be auctioned on eBayBarbie x CFDA starting this Thursday, January 28th through February 7th, with an opening bid of $100. The entire net proceeds from the sale of these dolls will benefit CFDA’s educational initiatives and scholarship program.

“Each designer expressed his or her individual style by transforming their original Barbie Basics doll into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece,” said Stephanie Cota, senior vice president of marketing for Barbie. “The use of unique materials, special fabrics and, in one case, real diamonds, demonstrate how to infuse one’s own style and personality by accessorizing.”

Steven Kolb, executive director of the CFDA, added: “Because accessories are such a big element to the little black dress, this was a nice opportunity to put our accessories designers front and center.”

barbie-tory-burch clip_image001

barbie-alexis-bittar barbie-justin-guinta


Levi’s 501 Jeans Puppy Doll


Those lucky enough to live in Japan will have a unique opportunity to collect a vintage Levi’s puppy doll. In a few month's time, Levi's will present Sit Puppy: a series of dogs made of vintage denim from the thirties and forties. They were created by Cram Jam Chest, who only used 501 materials.

I’d donate a few pairs of my old jeans for one!


Source: viewonfashion.com

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Takashi Murakami x Château de Versailles


After the reign of the king of pop kitsch Jeff Koons in 2008 and that of French artist Xavier Veilhan last year, it is now Takashi Murakami’s turn to be enthroned at the Palace of Versailles in 2010. The artist, which will be the first major retrospective in France, will present his works - paintings, monumental sculptures - very colorful, very influenced by manga, very Japanese. A new culture clash between history and modernity, which is sure to irritate, again, most conservatives and attracting fun lovers of contemporary art.

Takashi Murakami at the Château de Versailles
From September 12 to December 12, 2010.

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Tokidoki x Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Goods Back in Stock!


Tokidoki x Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary items are now back in stock.  Last time I looked, the luggage, duffle bag, tote bag, laptop case and cosmetic bag were still available.

Valentino x Philip Treacy


Valentino has collaborated with hat designer Philip Treacy for an exquisite collection of shoes.  Two designs are available at collete.






Source: viewonfashion.com

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Christian Dior Spring 2010 Haute Couture


If Marie Antoinette were alive today, she’d wear Dior.

dior-1 dior-2 dior-3 dior-4 dior-5 dior-6

Source: coutorture.com

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