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Chanel Spring 2012 Nail Polish Collection


CHANEL has released the details of their new spring/summer 2012 Les Vernis nail colors, and we can confirm that they're as covetable as ever.

After the pretty yellow Mimosa from spring/summer 2011 and the metallic two-tone Peridot from autumn/winter 2011-12, spring/summer 2012 brings three new shades named April, May and June. April is a rich fuchsia, June a summery tangerine and May is a pretty shell pink.

The colors have only just been created but were in action at the spring/summer 2012 show earlier this week. Also used was a pearly white polish that creative director Peter Philips created especially for the show, but it has been announced that it will be released in May 2012, under the name Attraction.

All three spring/summer 2012 polishes will be available from January.

Photo courtesy of Chanel.

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